Saturday, February 8, 2020

Project Task-List Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Project Task-List - Essay Example Additionally, the project aims at the creation of a supportive environment and relevant training materials for the training to be conducted. The scope of the project is limited to the organization of the meeting as well as the arrangement and preparation for the travel and accommodation of the people to attend from the various regions. Of course, this involves the process of sourcing for the necessary resources to facilitate the training. The preparation for the meeting requires the decision on the offsite venue and the accessible locations for accommodating the people attending the meeting. The tasks involved in the project are broken down into subtasks in a work breakdown structure to integrate the timing of the project tasks and the available resources. This is shown in the chart presented in table 1 below. Most of the resources in this project are in monetary terms. With the exception of the stationery and the public address system, all other resources required for project demands availability of funds. The approximated values of find requirement are presented in the work breakdown structure in table 1 above. The deliverables required out of the project include a sound training plan for the offsite workshop, indicated or measured by the number of topics prepared and the marks scored by the people attending the meeting in the evaluation. The second deliverable is a report of attendance showing the number of people who attended the training, the accommodations available and the utilized facilities. The final deliverable expected out of this project is the summary of the project plan, showing a descriptive statistics of the resources required, time consumption and starting date of every

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